Shipping time is listed on ALL items (though depending on how large of a release, or our store delays, shipping time could potentially, though rarely be later than listed). Please allow up to two additional extra weeks from listed time to ship in rare cases. Please view the shipping section on the website for further shipping policy details.


Pre orders typically ship 1-2 weeks after release, though handling time in more specification is listed on each item as it can vary. Please view the original item you purchased for more details if any, in regard to shipping time. But count on your pre order item shipping after release, 1-2 weeks unless noted on item as longer; AFTER release. Our goal is to always ship items on time thus why the extra time we have listed to ship in order avoid late shipments. That said sometimes things are out of our control and they may ship AFTER the specified time. Sometimes the brands delay shipping to our stores, or some items have an adjusted release date for our locations and that will delay shipment. If it looks like our items will be delayed, we try and contact you prior, so you are aware of the later shipping time. Please give us up to an additional 4 weeks from the time we list (though again rare this is the case, but possible).


When an item is being prepared to ship, the tracking number will be emailed to you via Harlems Closet to the original email you placed the order with. Please allow up to five business days for the carrier to update in their system.